Inspirational artistic 925 Silver statement necklace with agat gemstone for unique women




A short chain made of sterling silver discs and agate beads in between.
Hand-made artistic necklace. Looks antic and special.
Big impact – small weight!
If you are a lady with a strong sense of style,
If you are the lady that everyone notices when she enters the room then this is the necklace for you!

The discs are made in electroforming technique. Electroforming ​is a base covered with precious metals ​like silver or gold. The base ​is usually made of ​industrial ​wax​.

​The wax receives a coating of copper that serves as a conductor for the sterling silver and enables the coating process. Above the copper layer, a 150-micron sterling silver coating is formed. At the end of the process, I make a small hole in the metal​ and once the ​​Electroforming ​process​ is finished; the piece is heated, and the ​wax served as support melts so that the piece is hollow inside. ​(all the weight of the piece is made of precious metal, in this case, sterling silver over brass, and due to the creation of a 150-micron sterling silver plating, the jewel is approved for marking with a 925 stamp​).​
Big impact with small weight!

The necklace length is 17.7” (54cm) combined with five big silver discs, and four wide agate beads in black/gray/white colors.
The diameter of the silver discs: 11.3”(3.5 cm)
The diameter of the agate beads:11.3”(3.5 cm)


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